I need to clean off some grease from the cloating on my new rotors as well as some grease on my pads. Aside from using brakeleen, which of the three: engine degreaser, carb cleaner, acetone would work as effectively or nearly as effective as brakeleen?


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I'm not sure what "cloating" is, but nothing works as good as CRC brake cleaner.

However, given that it is banned in several states, I would start with dry paper towels to remove as much as possible, and then wipe with a clean rag wetted with gasoline. Acetone might work, but probably not as well as gasoline. Xylene would work fine as well, but again is fairly expensive.

A few hard stops should "burn away" any residue. Unless there is a serious amount of grease... What kind of grease is it, and is it just a little slop, or is it coming out of a split CV boot or something?

Dry rags and/or paper towels is where I would start in any case.


Carb cleaner is slightly less volatile than brake cleaner but essentially the same ingredients. Engine Degreaser in my experience leaves some slight residue as does acetone.

I would use Carb Cleaner in preference to the other two.

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