Earlier this day, my brake warning light stayed on at half brightness after I disengage the e-brake. The stopping power doesn't seem to be affected. After a few minutes with the engine running, the indicator fades away. My braking fluid looks topped up properly. What could be causing this?

My car is a 2003 Toyota KF-71.

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This could be either a wire rubbing somewhere on the body or it is a pad warning sensor - the wire is just starting to come into contact signalling low pads.

You should check the pads for wear.


In case your car has only one brake warning light (some cars have two: one for e-brake, one for the brake system), it also could be a bad contact in the e-brake switch. If you are able to reach it (located underneath the e-brake lever), take it out and clean it.


I just came back from a repair shop and it turns out the fluid sensor was malfunctioning. They've unplugged it for now, until I can find a new one. Now the light only comes up if the e-brake is engaged or (hopefully) when something else goes wrong in the system.

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