A few months ago my remote key fob stopped working. Although the light on the remote was flashing when I pressed any button, I tried to replace the batteries. However, this didn't help. Then I tried to do the synchronization sequence (unlock car with key, hold key in unlock position for 10 seconds, turn ignition key and press any button a few times) from some videos on YouTube - again with no success.

Do you guys know how to properly synchronize/reprogram a remote fob for a 2005 VW Fox?

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The common sequence for VW is what you already tried, but you may have done it out of sequence. Follow in order to see if that help.

  1. Insert master key into the ignition switch and turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
  2. Within 30 seconds, insert the 2nd key into the driver’s door lock and lock the driver’s door manually.
  3. Press the LOCK or UNLOCK button
  4. Wait 2 seconds, then press the LOCK or UNLOCK button again
  5. Switch ignition to the OFF position.

Test remote to ensure proper function.

Note: This only programs the remote buttons. It does not program the key to the car.

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