The sliding glass sunroof on my 2014 Abarth 595 (FIAT 500) will not close from the tilted position, it will close but just immediately re-opens to the tilted position.

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Running the sunroof calibration fixed this issue, the full procedure is:

  • Begin with the the sunroof fully closed, it can be closed with a hex key if this is completely impossible with the switches (see owners manual).
  • Turn the ignition key to MAR (first position).
  • Hold the close button for approximately 10 seconds until the sunroof motor makes an audible click.
  • Within 5 seconds, release the close button then press and hold it again.
  • Continue to hold the close button while the sunroof goes through a full open and close movement.
  • Once the roof is closed again, release the close button and turn the ignition off and on again.

After this the sunroof should function properly.

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