I have a 2006 VW Jetta 2.5L with 1K in the VIN. there are 2 different size brake rotors for the front and the back. need to order without being able to measure as the car is at college.

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I would try to call a VW parts department with your VIN number to be sure, but one of my favorite VW parts sites, GermanAutoParts, shows that your car needs 260mm Rear rotors and 288mm Front rotors (I'm not going to guarantee that this will fit your car, but if you email them, they might..).

The problem with the Jetta is that it was available with 3 different engines, and a few different trim packages that year, including the GLI package that is only available in a few year models.

Try looking at parts websites that specialize in VW or German parts rather than the big mega-sites. Their search functions are tailored more for your vehicle.

  • Also, notice this tool on one of the brake rotor searches I linked to. I think this tool is a requirement on your car to do a brake job (and you wouldn't have it unless you have a decent VW wrenching history). Check the Bently manual if you can, or look at some VW forums for brake job how-tos.
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I'm only seeing 288 x 25 on the front, and 260 x 10 on the rear listed for 2006 Jetta 2.5.

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