enter image description here Hi please help, I just change to be winter tire 2 weeks ago and today my left front tire just hit the comer and it has 2 cracks line ( about 2 inches long ) and each one about 15 centimetres apart. And I have to drive only in motorway to get my kid school. And now I am afraid hat is it safe to drive 110-120 km/h . Do I need to fix or change it immediately. Thanks for your answers!enter image description hereenter image description here![enter image description here

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    I have to believe that is a tire warranty issue. Check the fine print on your warranty. My guess is likely manufacturing related issue.
    – zipzit
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When it is a question of safety, I will always recommend replacement, especially with kids in the car! Chances are there’s not real damage to the tires integrity, but it is possible. Personally, I won’t leave anything to chance when it comes to the safety of myself or others, especially my family.

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