I am looking to purchase a replacement for the following two parts. These parts attached the front air dam on my 2004 Saturn Ion 2 to main body of the car. It seems to be made of plastic or a similar material. First part of the object Second part of the object

Combined, these two parts look like this:

The two parts combined

I would prefer a part number, but any information I can use to be sure that I purchase the right part is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Those are just regular Clips if you take those to AutoZone they sell them all cars have them majority of all of use the same ones I don't even think they have a part number I'm sure they don't they sell them by the 10 packs I think

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    Agreed - I'd just call them "Plastic trim clips" - any car-parts shop should know what you mean. Take the old one with you in case there are multiple sizes...
    – Nick C
    Nov 20 '17 at 10:28

There are more kinds than snowflakes. (Maybe not that many...)

enter image description here

Not sure about "Autozone", but a good old-fashioned autoparts store will have a display board like the one pictured above to allow you to match your old one to the proper size replacement. They will either have them or can order them quickly.

I fnd this easier than "Hey, Ive got a Saturn, what clip do I need?" You may make a few extra trips with that strategy.

Best to get a few extra, in my opinion...

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