I have a car which it's title and plates are registered in Wisconsin. The title is in the name of name of Family member but is signed over to me. I would like to register the car[ in my name] in Illinois.

I have found the Illinois Cyber Drive Vehicle Services page, and would normally think I'd need to go through the Apply for Registration and Title content, but the plates and title are from out of state and I am unsure of how to proceed.

The Title and Registration page briefly mentions "out-of-state" but none of the mentions seem to pertain to acquiring a car from out of state through a private transaction.

Could someone point me to information on how to transfer an out of state title to Illinois, registering the car, and acquiring Illinois Plates (all of which I would think should be able to be accomplished in a single step) for a vehicle?


Prepare all of the paperwork listed on this page http://www.dmv.org/il-illinois/car-registration.php and travel to an SOS office where they'll issue you your plates.

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