I have a problem that has stumped several mechanics and friends of mine who are mechanically inclined. Below is a video(sorry for poor quality) demonstrating the issue in question


This disgusting squawking noise comes from the front driver's side only when I am braking. The pads, rotors, and calipers all look fine. I checked out the dust shield, and it wasn't making contact with the rotor(one theory). I checked for any lodged rocks/debris and there are none. I finally decided that maybe replacing the front driver's side rotor would at least make a difference, but no. It is still making the noise. I don't want to keep throwing parts at it until it fixes the problem without knowing what the problem is, as that is pretty costly and I want to know the source of this problem in case it happens again in the future. Thank you all for any advice you can give!

  • Is intensity of the sound proportional to the force applied on the brake pedal?
    – MaSlo
    Oct 11, 2017 at 19:17
  • Are the pads wearing unevenly?
    – NitrusInc
    Apr 12, 2018 at 12:32

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Yes! Fellow Jeeper here..and I swear I’ve encountered every strange braking sound on my 2009 JKU.

Have you checked the slide/guide pins on the caliper? One could be failing and causing the pad to apply to the rotor unevenly and causing that sound.


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