I have a 1999 Dodge Dakota. Early in the spring I had to have my heater core replaced. Now it is starting to get cold outside. When I run my heater it is getting luke warm at best. Before the heater core was replaced it used to be a lot hotter. What could have caused it to not kick out very much heat?

I regularly check my fluids and the coolant level is always right where it should be.

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You very likely have a bad thermostat. Here are some similar questions that may provide some insight:

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In terms of your specific problem, I would check your engine temperature gauge: does the needle ever move up to its normal operating range? Or does the coolant stay cold?

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I would remove the heater hoses and flush out the heater core using a garden hose. Be sure to flush it both ways. Test for leaks when done and add coolant as needed.

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