I have a 2004 Volvo S40 that when starts it'll stall. It'll run for a minute or less before acting like it's starved for air. Get the codes P0339 which is a crank position sensor. I have replaced it and I still get the same result. I've charged the battery also. The codes read 1st P0339 and a 2nd code that is P0339 with a pd looking symbol next to it. I've verified the connections on the connector also.


Possible Causes of P0339 Code: Crankshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Intermittent

Highlighted items are ruled out as already addressed.

Faulty crankshaft position sensor- replaced

Crankshaft position sensor harness is open or shorted-checked

Crankshaft position sensor circuit ?

Poor electrical connection ?

Signal plate may be damaged ?

Starter motor may be faulty ?

Starting system circuit ?

Dead or weak battery-recharged

Symptoms: Check engine light activation, loss of power, engine stalls

Try replacing battery. This might resolve the problem as a weak battery could trigger this code. Maybe starter issue.

This may not give a definitive answer but gives avenues to check next.

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