My question is about my 2004 saturn ion 2.2L. Engine misfires and looses power intermittently. I plugged the code reader and gave me PO341 (camshaft position sensor A circuit range performance (bank 1 or single sensor).


The 2.2L L61 engine doesn't use a traditional camshaft position sensor. The ignition control module senses firing events. Then generates a CMP signal to send to the PCM. This could be a wiring issue, a failure in the ICM or a secondary ignition problem (e.g. spark plugs/coil pack).

A clean CMP signal needs to be confirmed at the PCM and make sure that the coil pack can produce a strong enough spark on cylinders 1 & 4.

  • Excellent explanation; this is just what i was looking for. – Moises Carrasco Oct 9 '17 at 21:27

Buy a repair manual and look up what to do for that code. Have you done a tune up recently? Maybe the sensor needs to be replaced?

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