done a parasitic test on battery(new) showed up as 1.74 amps,removed fuses 1 by 1 and found that the 20amp fuse for the coupe console when removed dropped the amps to 0.49, i have a 56 renault scenic mk 2,and the coupe console seems to be the instrument panel and dashboard as when this fuse is out there is no display,was wondering if anyone has any idea if the the drain is normal on this type of vehicle(digital instrument panel)or if not any ideas as to how i can check what the problem may be.dan farrell

  • Consider saying "late 2006" instead of "56", as people outside UK won't know what "56" means. This is not a UK-only site! – juhist Aug 24 '17 at 13:20
  • When you do the current test be sure to leave the meter in place 5 10 minure to be sure you aren't reading some device start up current – agentp Aug 24 '17 at 16:18
  • In short, you need wiring diagrams or a power distribution chart. Then you unplug modules on the circuit until the draw goes away. .5A is too much, in general 50mA or less is an acceptable amount of draw. – Ben Aug 25 '17 at 2:11

No. Your drain is not normal. 1.74 amps means 65 Ah battery will be flat in approximately 37 hours.

Also, 0.49 amps will mean 65 Ah battery will be flat in about 133 hours or 5.5 days. I wouldn't consider this acceptable either. On cars with smart key system, the drain can be relatively high for a while, for example on my 2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid the system switches to power saving mode after 5 days, meaning there is slight delay, and after 14 days it switches to a mode saving even more power, meaning only the driver's door lock works. So, even on a smart key system, 0.49 amps is definitely too high drain as it won't last for much more than 5 days.

You seem to have two problems: firstly, the fuse you removed has some extra drain, and secondly, the 0.49 amps is anyway too high so you have some other extra drain as well. Keep removing the fuses and measuring the drain. Do note that if you have a door open, there may be a light on, so that could be your drain.

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