My ES300, like most models has a two tone paint job. After doing some research on Lexus paint codes, I found that the driver side door has a label specifying the exact color - for the paint on the top part of the car which is on the bonnet, trunk etc.

The code is 4M7/LF61 and online lookup states the color is Oyster Pearl, although in some cases it is also called as Flaxen Pearl (and the swatch looks quite different).

The second color, used for the lower half of the doors and the bumpers; is something I haven't been able to look up. This pdf inspired me to do similar searches and find that 4M7 goes with UCAA2 - for the GS300.

Is there any source to find out cladding color used with 4M7 for the ES 300 (1997)?

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Cladding color of a two tone Lexus ES 300

I have a 1998 Lexus ES300 with two tone cladding. The drivers side door label indicates 4MV / LF61. Unless my eyesight has failed me not sure why most references on the internet use 4M7 to identify the top portion of the cladding color pair. It is grayish / silverish so Oyster Pearl sounds about right. I hope this helps you.

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