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Yesterday as I was working on my car i notice some exposed copper wire leading to my starter. 5 minutes later after a slight grinding sound while driving downhill the car stopped , no power. I turned the key but absolutely nothing occured , no attempt to start or turn ,, nothing. Now with the key out of the ignition the dashboard symbols all light up and stay on. So , I have disconnected the negative cable from the battery for now. So does anyone know if i have done something to the ecu or could it simply be a fuse thats blown or a relay or would it be possible that the starter or starter solenoid are beyond repair Where do i start before i start to make things worse. 2002 VW cabrio automatic

  • Welcome to the stack! One thing I'd recommend is editing your post to be a little more linear and make the question good and clear. That said, it is possible that you've damaged the ECU, however that is not likely the cause of the lighting being on while the key is out. Most likely you've dead shorted something I think. It is definitely not because of a fuse, but a relay could also be the culprit. I have seen them get fused from crazy draw before. – kyle_engineer Aug 14 '17 at 22:24
  • Starter. But first, what were you working on the other day? Also, why was the copper wire exposed? - Did the insulation melt off? And which lead was exposed? Got any pics of the starter, fuse box, dash lights, or whatever you were working on? – Ted Pants Aug 15 '17 at 0:35

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