I changed the oil in my 2004 cagiva raptor 125 (transmission) and i put back almost 1 liter of oil. The bike is supposed to have 800ml of oil in it. Is it going to harm it in any way?

  • It might differ in a motorcycle Aug 3, 2017 at 18:23

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Overfilling the oil can cause pressure to build up and potentially bust some seals. I would recommend just letting the excess out and stick to the manufacturer recommended volume.

If you really want, save a 1/5th of each liter, and every fifth oil change will be free :)

  • Makes sense. I'm going to drain out the excess oil tomorrow. Aug 3, 2017 at 18:24
  • Do you mind explaining how a high oil level can cause increased oil pressure in a traditional engine with an oil pump?
    – Ives
    Aug 3, 2017 at 18:40
  • Too much oil can potentially cause some of the oil to burn (Crankcase breather >> air cleaner box >> induction sys). Burning oil can lead to a slew of problems incl broken seals, burnt valves, and fouled plugs. Maybe 200mL isn't enough to cause any problems, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
    – Sage
    Aug 3, 2017 at 18:44
  • Here's an article with some more explanation on the topic: cycleworld.com/2013/08/09/…
    – Sage
    Aug 3, 2017 at 18:47
  • 2
    If the extra oil is enough to hitthe crankwebs then it gets severly frothed up and blows the seals and other things ... but if you haven't seen it you won't believe...
    – Solar Mike
    Aug 3, 2017 at 18:55

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