I am about to change oil in my Aprilia Atlantic 500. I don't have a manual (BTW I am looking for one).

How do I change oil?


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Here are the instructions from this page:


Check the level of the engine oil every 1,875 miles(3,000 km), see (CHECKING THE ENGINE OIL LEVEL AND TOPPING UP).


Use oil with 5/W 40 specifications, see (LUBRICANT CHART).

When topping up engine oil, we recommend that you never exceed the "MAX" level.

It is necessary to check the engine oil after the first 625 miles (1,000 km) and then:–every 3,750 miles (6,000 km) replace oil.–every 1,875 miles (3,000 km) check level/top up.

NOTE Place the vehicle on a flat, hard surface.

  • Place the vehicle on the center stand.


The engine and exhaust system components become very hot, and remain hot for some time even after the engine has been shut off. Before handling these components, wear insulating gloves or wait until the engine and exhaust system have cooled down.

  • Stop the engine and let it cool, to allow the oil to drain into the half-case and cool.

NOTE If you do not carry out the previous operations, you risk taking an incorrect measurement of the engine oil level.

  • Unscrew and extract the cap-dipstick (1).
  • Unscrew and remove the engine oil cartridge filter(3).

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Never use the vehicle with insufficient lubrication or with contaminated or inappropriate lubricants,as these accelerate wear on moving parts and may cause irreparable damage.


The oil used contains substances hazardous to the environment; therefore, to change the engine oil contact an aprilia dealer, who will dispose of the used oil in compliance with current regulations.

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  • Unscrew and remove the oil drain plug (4) and let all of the engine oil flow out.
  • Install a new oil cartridge filter (3), being careful to lubricate the O-ring gaskets on the filter with oil.
  • Tighten the engine oil drain plug (4).
  • Fill through the filling hole (2) with approximately 103.7 cu.in (1700 cc) of engine oil.
  • Tighten the oil level dipstick (1).
  • Start the vehicle and let it run for a few minutes.Shut it off and let it cool. Check the engine oil level again using the dipstick (1), and top up if necessary, without ever exceeding the "MAX" level.

When topping up and changing oil, use new oil ofthe type 5W-40 synthetic oil SAE that exceeds API ST specifications.

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A generic answer : drain oil into a container, measure the volume.

Put that amount of fresh oil back into engine - remembering to refit drain plug first :) then check level and top up if necessary .

Run engine, check drain plug not leaking, then stop engine and wait 5 minutes then check level again and top up if necessary.

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