My 2001 Toyota 4runner stalls when I slow down to a stop or slow speeds if its hot out. I never have a problem when the weather is normal for San Diego around ~60-75 F, but on hot days around 85 F it will sometimes stall.

A means of avoiding the problem is to shift into neutral when coming to a stop and then press the gas to get the RPM to ~1000 as I shift back to drive.

Any ideas whats wrong? A friend who was in the car mentioned that it could possibly be gas vaporization where the gas lines get too hot and gasoline vapor forms which stalls out the engine. He said this happens to planes he flys and some trucks he's driven in Arizona heat.

  • Just a brief update. This hasn't really happened since this post, but that may just be the weather cooling off. – aidan.plenert.macdonald Dec 14 '17 at 18:47

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