I'm trying to fix a gas leak in my filler neck before a 2000 mile trip on 6/28/17...
2002 Mitsubishi Elcipse 3.0L

I just pulled off my wheel and the filler neck cover and found 1 of the 3 pipes broken apart. It was one of the 2 smaller pipes. I poured a very small amount of fuel additive and didn't see a leak. I should mention that there was a lot of debris, probably clogging the broken pipe. So I suppose my main concern right now is how will the small broken pipe affect my fuel system and what exactly does it do, also considering that it is probably clogged with dirt?

Also, is this where my leak is coming from? About half of a pint is spilled after my average fillup.

I have a small evap leak according to my engine code reader.

enter image description hereObviously the previous owner had a problem before me.

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If I am not mistaken the big pipe is the fuel filler pipe (obviously). The 2 other ones hook into a pipe for fuel tank vent for vapor and the charcoal canister as part of the evaporative system. It appears as a small leak because the small tube is clogged otherwise it would be large leak. The solution change out the filler pipe assembly and reconnect the hoses.

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