This is in regards to a 2001 Holden Barina XC, automatic, 5 door hatch, although it may apply to other similar models.

In the owners manual on the page listing the fuses and their location (chapter 6/26), Reverse lights is nowhere on the list.

Which of the fuses on the list controls the reverse lights?


The reverse lights are linked to the cigarette lighter fuse, which is what it is labelled as in the manual. It is a 10A fuse and can be found in position 26.

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  • "Is this to build rep"? - It's because I spent 45 minutes fiddling around with the fuses and the owners manual figuring out which fuse would fix the reverse lights, and I assumed that anyone else with a similar problem might one day find this information time saving and useful. If I get extra rep on here, I'll take that as evidence that my assumption was not misguided. – StatGenGeek Jun 5 '17 at 2:41

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