I have a Nissan quest 2008, and I have weird symptoms. When I go to start the engine it takes about 5 seconds for it too actually turn. It sounds like it wont start but then it does.

The next symptom is the SLIP and TCS OFF light comes on , and also when I go to drive it, it feels like its in LIMP mode. I have to really press down on the gas for awhile to actually hit 40mph.

Lastly, when I put from P to R it shifts really hard. My mechanic says its a camshaft position sensor bank one problem. He checked for codes and that's what he got.

Does anyone know if this sensor would actually cause these symptoms?

  • so when you turn the key to the crank position it doesn't crank for a few seconds then starts cranking?
    – Ben
    Jun 2 '17 at 21:39

The short answer is Yes.

According to this article, Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Camshaft Position Sensor;

The camshaft position sensor gathers information about the vehicle’s camshaft speed and sends it to the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM). The ECM uses this data to determine the timing of the ignition, as well as the timing of the fuel injection that the engine requires. Without this information, the engine would not be able to function properly.

  • I agree that a camshaft sensor could cause these symptoms, but there are other things which could as well.
    – mongo
    Jun 3 '17 at 1:06
  • @mongo You are correct. In this case, the the OP asked a specific question which outlined typical symptoms for a bad CPS. You are welcome to write your own answer if you believe it is something else.
    – CharlieRB
    Jun 5 '17 at 11:28

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