Trying to reset stereo on 2007 Honda Fit after replacing battery. I have 2 security codes. The 1st didn't work, the 2nd code's 1st number is a 7. My stereo only has numbers 1-6. Are there other buttons that represent 7,8,9, and 0?

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Normally it works like this for radio codes

If your code is 4751

  • Press number 1 four times
  • Press number 2 seven times
  • Press number 3 five times
  • Press number 4 one time

The code should then be accepted and the radio unlocked.

  • Your response is the most logical. Jun 30, 2017 at 11:15

Are you sure that it is in fact the security code? What you could have is the stereo's serial number. They are often listed in 2 blocks because that's how they are displayed on a car's information screen. There's no such thing as "2 security codes" for a car stereo.

Try retrieving the security code from this site using either your VIN or the stereo's serial number (those 2 blocks of numbers you have, string them together).

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