Why is the car roll center always designed to be lower than the car's center of gravity

In my humble opinion, despite the fact that the car suspension will be harder to install and that there will be interference between the wheel and the car body, having the car's suspension roll center above its cg is a lot more beneficial as:

1.) the roll of the car will counter the car's lateral weight transfer during cornering, which helps the car to corner better. 2.) the roll motion if the car also helps the car roll into the center of the cornering, which prevents rollover of the car.

Please give reasonable explanation about this, and please avoid giving reasons such as

1.) the perception of the driver will be better while cornering if the roll center is lower than the cg 2.) the suspension is harder to install to the car

Because i find that these reasons are not good enough to out weight the benefits gained written above.

Thank you


Essentially, because it is impossible to move the Center of Roll at rest ("RC" so that it matches the pictures) above the Center of Gravity at rest (CoG) on a car.

Center of Roll is determined primarily by suspension geometry. By tracing a line through the Instant Center of Rotation (IC) on each wheel to the point of contact of the opposite wheel, we can find the RC.

enter image description here

The IC is determined by the upper and lower points of the suspension. It is a little bit more complicated for double wishbone and some other more exotic suspensions, but essentially there is always at least 2 vectors which we can extrapolate out to an IC.

enter image description here

So how could you possibly move the RC above the CoG? You would need MASSIVE wheels to keep the hub (the point the suspension connects to on the wheel) as far off of the ground as possible (think Monster Truck, but bigger). Then you would need to hang as much weight as possible as low as possible to keep the CoG down. At this point, the handling of the vehicle is already ruined.

It isn't that the suspension is harder to install, Its impossible to install. Or at least so impractical that you lose much more handling from wonky car design than you gain.

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If you think about a ship, then having the CoG above the CoR will mean the ship will invert easily as it is unstable. Designing the CoG to be below the CoR makes the system more stable. However, there are examples of ships that have taken on large amounts of water causing the CoG and CoR to change position leading to them capsizing.

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it's not a factor of impossible it is that you'd have too much jacking effect i.e. old VW that were flipping over so easily, rear RC was very high. Also you have too much lateral variation which cause darting on even the smallest bumps. Final, driver does not have imput of magnitude of cornering force without roll so difficult to drive at the limit.

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