I am trying to change the passenger side-light bulb on my right-hand-drive VW Polo, without removing the air filter and the entire battery case.



  • Remove the battery
    • (remove negative terminal first)
  • Remove the battery case side-walls
    • There's a trick to this (see below)
    • Split the 2 positive cables
  • Remove the main beam wires & bulb
  • Replace the side-light bulb
  • Refitting is a reversal of removal

Remove the battery

  1. Pop the battery cover/fuse box off the top of the battery
  2. Remove the negative terminal
  3. This is a good point to split the positive leads before un-clamping the positive electrode:

Positive battery terminal

  1. Unbolt the battery brace at the base of the front of the battery

Remove the battery case side walls

  1. Remove the front panel by pressing the front three catches and prising 5mm forward, and sliding the panel upward:

Battery front side panel

Note: There are 4 catches on the battery case side walls

Four catches on bottom of the battery case walls

  1. Pop the two rear catches by pulling the rear of the battery case wall slightly downward and toward the front of the car:

Pull the rear of the case

  1. Pop the two side catches by with your fingers down the outer side of the case

Location of side catches

  1. Lift the case side-walls off.

Remove the main beam wires & bulb

  1. Pull the positive terminal from the main beam bulb. Do not touch the glass of the bulb

Bulb wires

  1. Remove the spring catch securing the main beam bulb in palce
  2. Pull the negative terminal from the bulb holder
  3. Pull the side-light bulb holder from the reflector assembly

Bulbs removed

  1. Pull the bulb from the bulb holder

More photos here, in case it helps - Note that you don't need to remove the air filter and battery case base if you follow the instructions above.

  • Ouch! I would not like a car where something as trivial as changing a light bulb is that complicated. – juhist Mar 18 '17 at 14:37
  • If the question was to change the bulb WITHOUT removing the battery and case, how does this answer the question? – Solar Mike Mar 18 '17 at 14:38
  • The air filter and battery case base was not removed - only the side panels. Unfortunately I had to remove the entire battery case (& cut off corroded base nuts) & air filter base to find this out. – Andy Joiner Mar 18 '17 at 14:45

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