Aloha, I just had the spark plugs changed yet the ROUGH IDLE is still there. Is this a Misfire? Don't know a thing 'bout cars. Asked the owner who said he must ask the mechanic to see if the cylinder is bad needing replacement? Is the cylinder the same exact thing as the spark plug? The mechanic did change all spark plug. Yet didn't do a diagnostic test to find out what the knocking noise is? Car was hit in the rear so could it be the muffler? Noisy like a knocking noise very loud so just wondering why no diagnostic test was done? Mercedes was left on the ground not even on a lift to view it so owe $542 now. It's Hawaii, Baby! Overpriced on most items & car repairs I head out of my town with scammers running rampant. Am I wrong to expect the mechanic to fix the problem when in fact I didn't even sign the invoice or authorize the work? Owner dodged my calls. My youngest daughter drove the car to the place & her cell wasn't working nor would the owner return my phone calls kept saying he was adding the bill? Some say spark plugs co$t $1,000 so I'm only upset the noise the reason it was there in the shop is still there. Already fixed the alternator in now $1,200 not worth more then a few grand so owner can't explain WHAT happened since he never spoke to the mechanic? Please contain your laughter until I finish typing. T/Y I still have to pay. lol

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