I have a truck on which the rear turn signals are not very visible when the parking lamps are on. So I am trying to get the parking lamps to turn off while the turn signal is on. Below is the wiring diagram that I am planning to use and I just need a professional confirmation that it will work. The bulb I am using draws 2.2 Amps. I have learnt from this forum that a regular auto relay which is 30A rated may be an overkill as the current draw of the coil is a couple amps. So I am planning to use this 10A PCB relay. https://www.e-sonic.com/product-detail/mode/505330.html?p=45319483

Will this work, and is the relay suitable? Also, I am assuming I do not need a flyback diode with this relay, correct?

Your input is greatly appreciated.

enter image description here


Your schematic and the selection of the relay is great, make sure you enclose the relay very well. You don't really need a flyback diode since the current operating the coil is really low (400Ohm@12V drains 30mA, amazing).

If you have any questions or problems feel free to leave them below.

  • Awesome, thank you so much for your input Marcelo, much appreciated. – Gordyg Feb 11 '17 at 5:25

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