For example if I were to drain my coolant once, then Re-fill, would this be okay providing the coolant is the same brand and type?

I have made a habit of doing this in the past as due to my ignorance I was unaware that draining the coolant once would only drain around 40%. The coolant does get changed regularly around 15,000 miles however as I said it’s not a full flush.

I won't be able to do several flushes to get all the old coolant out of my system until summertime as it is quiet cold at the moment where I live and filling, running the engine, allowing engine to properly cool then draining several times would take two days and I don't fancy taking the chance with cold nights. Some websites recommend it should be re-filled and drained around four times, if this is true then defiantly will take two days, if just draining and re-filling twice is enough one day should be fine.

  • If you are doing it that often, thats fine. Maybe do a full flush every 100k.
    – agentp
    Feb 16, 2017 at 5:07

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I mean, it's kind of life changing half your oil I suppose; why would you go to the effort unless you're going to change it all? I would recommend flushing the whole circuit before refilling with new so you get all the gunk out.

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