my 750 seca will not turn over, my uncle gave it to me, its been sitting for a couple years, I put P B blaster in cyilinders, and removed spark plugs and tried to push it to get it to turn but... can any one suggest some fixes?

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Try removing the plugs and spraying a freeing liquid in there and leaving i for a week. Once you get it to turn over, make sure you spin on the starter to get what is left out - otherwise you can get hydraulic lock and seriously damage piston, rod or crank. Then change the oil - as the freeing liquid may have got in to it - worth changing anyway... then put the plugs back in and try to start it. If that does not work you may need to dismantle further to find what it is.

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    Automatic transmission (Dexron or whatever) fluid works good in these situations. Yup, still need to be careful of hydrolock, but it will unstick the piston/rings as good as anything and is a lot more common (more people will have a bottle of this around than a bottle of freeing liquid). Feb 9, 2017 at 18:44

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