Recently my 2007 Ford Territory's battery went dead. One week ago I had to be jump started. It was fine turning the ignition on throughout the next few days. The dash lights began intermittently turning off. All that I needed to do was to turn the headlights off and back on again and the dash light would illuminate. Knowing that my battery was on its way out I had it replaced.

Since then, I have no park lights (both forward and rear) and no tail lights when low beam headlights on.


Low beams headlight (forward)

High beams both forward and rearward Brake lights

Does not work

Park lights both forward and rearward

Tail light when low beam on


When park lights turned to on position (one click) and high beam activated the park light globe DOES work. (Forward) and rear taillight. (ALL globes are fine)

What could be the issue where changing the battery could cause this?

Could it be another system and unrelated the battery change?

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