I'm in the process of preparing my Lumina's engine and transmission for extraction (progress here).

This 3/8" GM fuel rail is supplied by a flex hose with a "quick-connect" connector. If only it disconnected as quickly...

Fuel Rail Connector

I ended up using a dedicated (rather pricey) disconnect tool:

Fuel Disconnect Tool


Must one purchase a dedicated disconnect tool for this job? I'm already aware of the sacrificial Sharpie lid approach, which strikes me as a bit of a hit-and-miss affair in the video.

What other ingenious solutions do people use for this kind of job? Are there any risks associated with them?

  • I much prefer this approach. I've always gone with the "destroy n' replace" method. Pricier and more time consuming, but definitely easier the next time! "Quick disconnect" is right up there with "plug n' play" on computers of the 90s. – atraudes Feb 1 '17 at 0:32

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