A lot of the electric cars available today (except Teslas) have too small ranges. Inspecting them I see a lot of trunk that I might want to relinquish in exchange for extra range. However I don't see any official (i.e. without losing warranty, without DIYs) options for doing so. The only exception, as stated above, is Tesla which offers different battery packages.

Do the other manufacturers (Nissan, VW group, Renault etc) offer any such options?

I know about range extenders (that use gasoline for that) but I'm looking more into more battery mass.

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    There is a product that exchanges trunk space for range that is suitable for the nissan leaf . – Autistic Jan 7 '17 at 21:55
  • may be possible by adding battery switcher button to switch between battery 1 to battery 2 and so on... – Laxman Aug 8 '19 at 2:54

Short answer: no.

Long answer: As stated in this article, battery technology is improving by leaps and bounds, and inserting the new-tech batteries into old-tech electrics is an engineering challenge. The entire electrical system of the vehicle is calibrated for the battery pack that is expected to be there.

And while adding more of the same batteries may seem like a simple bolt-on upgrade, it ain't. That's the power source for your motor. It's not so much about how long does the battery last, but how quickly can it discharge itself (that's a large part of what limits your acceleration in an electric). The kind of current flow that you need, and coupled with the fact there's another battery already in there, you need some serious gauge wiring and some serious electronics. Doing so WILL void your warranty just as much as swapping or modding gasoline engines in a gasoline car.

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