re: 2015 Nissan Versa Note

When I turn my air on, the AC button is lit up and on by default no matter how I left it on last use. If it have the temperature turned to max heat, will having the AC button on have a negative consequence to how heat is dispersed?

I was thinking to get a remote starter for the winter, but it'd defeat the purpose if I have to go out there first and push the AC button every time.

  • Is this with the defroster on, or is it just any which way you leave it (floor, bi-level, defrost, etc) the A/C will be running upon startup? Nov 29, 2016 at 21:22

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No negative consequence. Some manufacturers do this because the A/C unit also acts as a dehumidifier so running the A/C helps dry out the air in humid climates. In some areas, at some times of year, you run the A/C while running the air with a temperature set somewhere in the middle, instead of full-cold. This is to prevent window-fogging. This is common in the South of the USA in the Spring/Fall.

The heat exchanger has no impact on the A/C condenser. The heat exchanger or heater core is basically a small radiator inside the dash that heats the air using engine heat. This heat is dispersed via the fans in the dash.

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