The clutch release fork on my Tracker broke and I have not been able to find a replacement. I'm looking for help on identifying other models of cars that use the same part and, in general, ways of tracking down obscure parts.

If I knew of other cars built on the same platform, or the various names the Tracker was sold under it would give me more options going to pick-a-part yards.

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  • @CcDd, thanks your answer is good. How do you know all that stuff? Ideas on where to find that kind of information would be great to include in your answer.
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This is the same thing as a suzuki tracker geo tracker and a chevy tracker. It has several european, asian, and south american models. It shares many parts with suzuki samurais (and their regional counterparts), some 4 cylinder early grand vitaras. The short block is also very similar, and sometimes the same, as the geo metro, chevy metro, suzuki swift, pontiac firefly both the 3cyl and 4 cylinder versions. I am not sure which years have the same or similar enough part but I hope that list gives you somewhere to search.

@dlu seems my comments didn't really give the information you asked for. Helps when I am not distracted by remote supports and can read the comment.

Most auto manufacturers reuse the chassis from one line of car for many different lines of car. This cuts manufacturing, testing, assembling, and repair costs down quite a bit. Manufacturers also make deals with others to assemble cars. This is how Geo formed, it was a pact between suzuki and chevy turned into a different company. As I understand it it was to get around import costs for cars assembled in japan and produced by japanese car companies. Suzuki would ship parts to canada which had lower import costs assemble them there then sell them in the US as Geo or Chevy or Pontiac. Suzuki also hat their own line too.

It is the same with lexus and toyota they are the same just get a corolla and put in lexas seats. Vw and audi, just get the passat it's cheaper. even the dodge ram 50 was just a mitsubishi mighty max with a ram badge.

most online and big chain parts stores have a database of these and which cars they go to. I do know some pick your part lots have databases of rebadged cars too. if you go in for geo metro parts it will give you the locations for the geo metros the suzuki swifts the chevy metros and the pontiac fireflys. every part on those is 100% swappable except the badges, they may also have used different paints.

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