I am considering buying the Ford S-Max, second-hand. I went to euroncap to see safety ratings, but they rate only 2 years: the 2015 model and the 2006 model.

I need to make a choice between a few different years: 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2013. Will the safety of the car be the same for all these years?

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The 2006 through 2015 use the same chassis and the same systems, therefore they have essentially the same safety. All of them have ABS, EBD (brake-force distribution), and ESP (stability control). All have airbags and pretensioner seatbelts.

In late 2015 a new model was introduced which in some markets is a 2015, in others is a MY2016. This model is all new and would have different safety ratings.

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