What type of coolant can I use on a 2016 Dacia Logan Laureate diesel? It is a little low so want to top up and see if it lessens again. Its not in the owners manual.

  • Also, I will check my owner handbook later, but I believe it is listed in there.
    – DizzyFool
    Nov 14, 2016 at 16:45

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You are wise to ask. Mixing incompatible antifreezes types can cause the formation of a sludge that can/will block passages in your radiator and/or heater core – and maybe other places as well.

As a rule of thumb you'd be wise not to mix antifreezes with different colors, but matching color is not a guarantee. If you can't find the answer in the manual, I'd strongly suggest contacting a dealer to get the appropriate specs and some recommended brands.

In the meantime for a small top up I'd suggest adding straight distilled water. The small amount of dilution won't do any harm.


Renault (the maker of the engine in your Dacia) recommends that you use coolant to their specification. Given that its quite a new vehicle, go to the dealership and they will be able to sell you the correct anti-freeze when you give them your reg.

I did the same with our Logan, they advised me not to use any of the universal products which need to be diluted with water. I obliged because the cost difference is fairly negligible and I didn't want to flush the system on a fairly new vehicle (just top up).


Apparently Renault Type D coolant is the only one they advise.

Halfords do sell Halford own brand OAT ready mixed which they say is okay for Dacia Logan diesal 2016.

But I didn't want to risk invalidating my warranty as the halfords one is a different colour so would be noticeable.

Seems fairly hard to come by Renault Type D coolant, so is slightly annoying have to go to the dealership to get it.

  • I wouldnt use it, the Halfords stuff is red, I believe yours is green. Even if its totally compatible, it makes it difficult to do a visual inspection later on.
    – DizzyFool
    Nov 14, 2016 at 16:44

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