I went through loads and loads of user manuals and all were in Japanese. Could someone please let me know the differences between the G, G Touring, S and S touring trim levels?

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According to this site: The S and the G weigh 1350 kg and have a turning radius of 5.2 m, whereas their Touring version weighs 1380 kg and has a turning radius of 5.5 m.

According to this other site:

  • L is the base model
  • S adds: fog lamps, rear wiper
  • G: same as S, plus cruise control
  • S Touring: same as S, plus LED headlights, headlight washers, 17" rims, touring suspension
  • G Touring: same as S Touring, plus leather interior, heads-up display, park assist, lane assist, navigation system, bluetooth controls on steering wheel, heated seats, power seats

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