I drive a 2014 Corolla LE. Whenever I accelerate or brake, I get a tap or a click from within the dashboard near the center vent area.

It happens when...

  • I accelerate from a stop.
  • I just tap the accelerator while rolling.
  • Right before coming to a complete stop.
  • I change the CVT gear from Drive to Reverse and Reverse to Drive.


  • The noise is greatly reduced on cold days.
  • Oddly, the sound goes away when the AC is on.
  • As soon as I press the AC button from off to on, the noise disappears.
  • Sometimes the noise occurs when I press the AC button from off to on.

I believe it has to do with some electrical AC component, like a relay or actuator.

Video of clicking noise. Increase volume to hear the noise.


  1. What could be causing this noise?
  2. How do I diagnose this?

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