Just bought a used Honda Jazz 1.4 SE for my wife, and although it has a CD/Radio with an Aux button on it, there is no external connection I can see.

As she wants to be able to connect her iPod, I am looking at how to do this.

My background is in electronics so I'm more than happy to build circuitry if required, but am hoping I can just wire a headphone type plug into the stereo if possible.

Is there a socket I can get at, and if so does anyone have a wiring diagram?

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I was looking for the same thing recently on a 94 Accord (different radio harness). Just looked around again to see if there's a solution on the 03-07 Honda radios and here are the results:

On some units you can solder into the aux interface. Otherwise you can cheat the radio into using its CD/Nav/XM expansion plug as an aux input. This usually requires an additional part to convince the radio you're using an expansion, but my guess is that part is just shorting a few pins, so you could probably whip out your background in electronics and save the $.

Anyway I recommend starting here and/or googling "honda fit jazz head unit wiring diagrams." As a last resort, the radio accessories work. 20-60 USD, easier than hacking but audio quality is not great.

enter image description here


On some models, the aux socket (3.5mm stereo) is next to the cigarette lighter under a flap. Took me ages to find too.

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    Sadly on this model there is no AUX connection, but I managed to wire one up as per the guidance on @Tyler's answer.
    – Rory Alsop
    Sep 2, 2012 at 12:26

A variety of manufacturers sell a small transmiter that plays your ipod thru your radio.See if this model will work for you.enter link description here

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