my Forester's starter motor needs replacing. Can I replace the old one: 23 23300 AA380 NO. 8120 Type MOOOT81681

with this one: 24 23300 AA390 NO. 8424 Type MOO1T84481

The replacement starter is from an automatic whereas my car is a manual, but the parts guy I bought the replacement from said that was fine. He said not to replace a 25 starter with the 24, but he didn't say anything about a 23 which mine has turned out to be.

Any help greatly appreciated :)

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Your current 23 23300-AA380 is for a Manual transmission - 8 teeth. The replacement 24 23300-AA390 starter is for an Automatic transmission - 9 teeth.

The starter for the manual transmission has 8 teeth, while the starter for the Automatic transmission has 9 teeth (there are some electrical differences also - the automatic starter is 1.4Kw, the manual is 1Kw). It just won't work.

You can use the starter from any Manual transmission Forester, Impreza or Impreza Outback from 1998 - 2002.

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