10/89 Subaru Legacy EJ22. NA. Multiport Fuel Injection.


Code 45: Pressure duty solenoid (turbo)/atmospheric pressure sensor circuit (non-turbo)

Where is this thing located?

I have 2 guesses but want to make sure... Guess 1) Passenger side underneath the intake between the manifold tubes there is a square looking thing with 2 vacuum lines and a connector.. Guess 2) Between the air filter and the intake, has the single multi pin connector.

Update: Pictures on the internet seem to think this is sitting right in front of the strut on the passenger side. I have nothing there...

Update2: "The atmospheric pressure sensor is located inside the ECU", don't know if this is true or not.

Thanks for any help!


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The atmospheric pressure sensor is located in the ECU per Mitchell. This is fairly common across makes. Try clearing the codes and if the code comes back replace the ECU.

  • Thanks @Ben. We are grabbing a wrecking yard computer to test this out. Will have feedback soon.
    – Mathew A.
    Oct 13, 2016 at 15:50

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