My 1998 Dodge Laramie pickup truck with the 360 motor, automatic transmission and rear wheel drive has been pulling the same 2 codes up, even after replacing new computer and a new distributer (only replaced cap rotor,and cam sensor,and,5 new crank sensors).

When the symptoms started it would do it every couple of months, then persisted to daily. Now I can't even drive it. It misfires, smokes and runs terribly. On some days it would just go away. If I sit there, revving the motor for a while, it would clear it up but doesn't work anymore.


If you replaced the cam position sensor and you are still getting the code for it, chances are the sensor wasn't the cause. Check the electrical connection to it using a multimeter:

  • make sure the sensor is getting power from it
  • make sure the PCM is getting a signal from it

Move the electrical connector around while you are testing, see if you can make it lose continuity.

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