I have ab broken door wiring harness in my Skoda Superb (2010; 8004-AIT; German version). I think about to repair it myself. But I'm not shure if the Skoda has an door impact sensor. In this case I would'nt do it.

All I found in the door is this door controller (8x0 959 793 c).

The door contoller

The broken wiring


  • May this Skoda have an door impact sensor?
  • How can I check it?

I'm almost sure that the Superb has an door impact sensor:

Starting the engine without connected door wiring leads to an "airbag fault" error.

Since there is no airbag in the door, this must be caused by the missing connection to a door impact sensor.

So I decided not to repair the wiring but to replace it.

  • VAG tends to mark these sensors, in my car the impact sensor in the door was red/yellow. So if you have the door card off, it should be easy to spot. – Hobbes Oct 12 '16 at 12:09

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