On my 2011 Toyota Camry, there was a womp womp sound coming from the rear, associated with some shaking of the car. It does it when you take off, slow down or cruise on the highway. First I put two new tires on at the back, since I thought I had a bad tire problem. It made it better for a little while, but then it came back.

It was time to change the brakes anyways, so I did because I suspected warped rotors. So I changed rotors and brakes today, it seemed like it did help a little bit not quite all the way.

What could this be?

Do you think the tires are messed up because of warped rotors?

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Probably bad struts or shocks. The fact you changed the brakes and tires will eliminate that as a cause. If your shocks were completely empty and you would be be riding on your springs with no dampening effect. That would definitely cause such a sound


Warped rotors won't mess tires up. Check the following:

  • your wheels are properly balanced
  • your tires are inflated to the proper pressure
  • your 4-wheel alignment is good
  • your bumper cover is properly attached
  • your exhaust system is properly attached
  • nothing got stuck under the car (plastic bags)
  • inspect at your wheel cylinders, hubs and bearings at the back, they may be worn or damaged

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