I'm gearing up to do some maintenance on a BRP watercraft and I came across this statement in the factory manual:

"3. Using a fiber hammer, gently tap impeller cover to help release it from the jet pump housing"

Here it is in context:

enter image description here

Of all the different manuals and catalogs I've read and jobs I've worked I've never heard the term "fiber hammer". I suppose "fiber hammer" could mean "block of wood used like a hammer", but that's just a guess. I suppose they mean some sort of non-marring hammer, but I'm not sure. Googling "fiber hammer" just turns up hammers with fiberglass handles. McMaster-Carr doesn't list any "fiber hammers" in their index.

What, exactly, is a fiber hammer?

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I don't know for sure, but would assume they are stating something like a dead blow hammer or possibly a hammer with a non-metal face. Something which might look like this:

enter image description here

You're looking for a hammer which is nonmetallic in nature so as to not damage the surface of what you're working on.

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