I've got a trouble code in my car and unable to figure how to decode it.

0: 43 03 00 59 01 54 
43 00 
1: 01 55 AA AA AA AA AA

I can understand the response is in multiple frames, but unable to decode the same. Also, figuring out what this 008 in the beginning is.Can anyone help?

  • How are you pulling this data? Where in the protocol does this fragment appear? – cdunn Oct 18 '16 at 16:44

Your framing format looks odd, but anyways. This is the answer to 03, which is querying the diagnostic trouble codes. Stripped from the multi framing, your result is actually

03 00 59 01 54 01 55

which means: You have three DTC, which are to be decoded as written in the SAE standards. The results boil down to

P0059 => Powertrain > SAE defined > undefined
P0154 => Powertrain > SAE defined > fuel and air metering
P0155 => Powertrain > SAE defined > fuel and air metering

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