I have just put new risers on my Honda VFR800 and upgraded the pinch bolt for the clip on bars to tritium .


Do I need to use thread lock?

What torque setting should I use?

  • What is the bolt? M5, m6? If you give the bolt diameter and thread pitch we can tell you the torque value. Aug 28, 2016 at 23:57

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Titanium M5 metric bolts have a torque specification of 25 inch pounds.

Yes, you should use thread lock for all handlebar related bolts that are related to your safety as a rider. You can use the lowest level of thread lock.


If you installed an aftermarket handlebar accessory, the manufacturer should list torque specification. Otherwise, you will need to consult the manual.

I recommend using anti-seize on the bolts, not thread locker. Regularly inspect the bolts for any sign of backing out or movement.

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