I have a 2009 A4 1.8 TFSI Basically, I need a new engine. On searching I have been told a CABA Engine will fit even though my engine is CDHA. I have been offered two CABA engines but can't find any CDHA engines so am now wondering if I can just replace with one of CABA engines?? Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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The only information that actually describes the changes technically is in this VW study material:


enter image description here

This information tells me the CDHA engine supercedes the CABA engine and has changes to:

  • Bearing diameter reduced
  • Modified piston
  • Modified piston rings
  • Different honing process
  • Changed vacuum pump.

It will definitely be compatible, assuming the whole engine is swapped, but what those changes were made to the engine design for, I cannot tell you.

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