I have some issues reconnecting 1998 Kawasaki GPX fuel system to a Keihin G301 carburetor. Some of the tags that I put on carburetor have fallen off and I lost track of what hose goes where. There are two hoses for coolant and all other are fuel and vacuum. I need schematics or guidance how to reconnect the hoses.

Can anyone provide diagrams or guidance on how I can get my fuel system integrated back into the motorcycle properly?

I can supply more images if necessary.

Images of the fuel system, gas tank and carburetors


Here are the various connections based upon your images.

I have left the label spelling in the image provided the same as the image. They match any misspellings in the three images.

Image 1

  • "I don't know" marked inlet is a vacuum line. Your petcock has two lines coming off of it. The smaller one is for vacuum, the larger one is for fuel.

Image 2

  • "I don't know" market inlet is for vacuum.

  • "Main Fuel (Not sure)" is for your main fuel line from your petcock

Image 3

  • "Reservoir Fuel Supply" is actually a vacuum connector. The vacuum opens a diaphragm that allows fuel into the carburetors. This is a safety component in case your float is stuck open so your cylinder doesn't fill with fuel and create a hydro-lock situation which could be catastrophic to your engine.

  • "Main Fuel Suply" is correct and attaches to the carburetor fuel inlet from Image 2

  • "Vacuum" is incorrect. It is either a fuel tank vent hose or a drain. Either way it would connect to a hose that routes to the bottom of the motorcycle behind the engine and before the swing arm.

  • "Drain (I think...)" is possibly correct. As above, it is either a fuel tank breather or an overflow. One of the two. It routes the same as described above, behind the engine.

Carburetor Parts Explosion *

enter image description here

Fuel Tank Parts Explosion *

enter image description here

Images from Kawasaki via https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu

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