Where can I find the voltage regulator on my Honda Wave 125cc?

I need to replace it with a new one so that my head lights will be in good condition and work well.

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    Welcome to SE Mechanics! Can you tell us the year of your bike. Also it would help if you could tell us more about the problem you're trying to solve. – dlu Jul 27 '16 at 4:46
  • What year is your motorcycle? – DucatiKiller Jan 23 '17 at 22:55

there are a couple of places it could be on your scooter depending on the year. If you take off the body fairings/plastics, the voltage regulator also called the RR can be found amid a cluster of wires either on the side of the scooter, near the front forks or the "tree" or (as I worked on a couple) underneath the seat inside the body (there should be a panel you can pop off). The easiest way to find it is by location your wire harness and following it down through the bike, it should end in a couple of 6 pin or 5 pin connectors and one of them will be connected to the voltage regulator, it looks like a metal rectangle with little metal fins.

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