I'm trying to replace a passenger side tail light assembly (well, actually only the red plastic is broken, but that doesn't seem to come separately) for a 2015 Impala, and I see parts sites listing right/inner and right/outer as two separate things. What do they mean?

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The tail lights on this car look like:

enter image description here (image source)

The outer assembly is the one on the quarter panel:

enter image description here

The inner assembly is the one on the trunk:

enter image description here

I'm 99% sure of this, but note that it is the result of a bunch of Google searching, and generic product pictures on parts sites make finding a clear image confusing.

If somebody could confirm this that'd be great. You could also call the dealer's parts department and ask.

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    I cannot confirm this, but it seems logical. I would bet you are spot on. I looked on my goto site. They don't have a picture of the part, but show the "outer" being more expensive than the inner, which would seem on part due to it being a bit larger. Looking at a couple of more things, I see on the CAPA weekly listing for June 6, 2016, they show the part numbers GM2803109 and GM2802109 to be "On luggage lid", R and L respectively. This shows exactly what you're talking about. Commented Jul 12, 2016 at 0:52

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